To Aphrodite Philomedes

Laughter-Loving Goddess,  I sing to you in these dark times so that I may know you, and that you may shine forth to me and to all who suffer.

I pray for laughter!

I pray that I may feel full belly laughs that shake my body and make me writhe and snort until my face is wet with tears.

May the core of my being ache from laughing.  May I laugh so hard that I cannot hide it.

May I become so close to you that I do your work by bringing laughter to others.

May I be vulnerable enough, strong enough and safe enough to be foolish, so that I may bring forth ripples, peals, and chortles through silly speech, and goofy actions.

May I seek your favor by sharing a smile with a stranger.

I pray that everyone may have their hearts and bodies opened to rejoicing, even if for only the briefest of moments.

Even in pain there is joy. May we all seek beautiful, healing laughter, and know that it is good, right and balancing for the world and for us.

May your light pour forth from my eyes once again.

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