Look at how beautiful everyone is!

Today’s offering will be a bit shorter, as I’ll simply share a practice that I often do.

One of the ways in which I am inspired by Aphrodite is to cultivate an awareness of beauty and aesthetics.  Now this doesn’t mean that I am only acknowledging or trying to recreate that which conforms to what we consider in the West to be traditional forms of beauty. Everything is beautiful and has a unique form that blesses the world.  Actions and motivations can be ugly, but forms are forms. I feel that when I train myself to appreciate the variety of forms in this world that contribute to the robustness and diversity of life on this planet that I will actually behave toward others in a kinder way that acknowledges their beauty and light. I’m not sure it always works, but it’s what I strive toward in any case.

So try this: Next time you are in a public place, in a restaurant, park, on a bus or plane, without being creepy, take a moment to look at as many people in your space as you can and notice one physically beautiful thing about them. It may be their eyes, their hair, their style.  Do this regardless of gender, age or any other factor.  I have noticed that since I started doing this, I am constantly delighted when I go out that I am surrounded by beautiful people.  Then I smile at having that realization, and smiles are contagious. That, to me, is doing her work in the world.

One thought on “Look at how beautiful everyone is!

  1. Janet says:

    What a lovely practice! Thank you for sharing. Because we have an offline friendship I know that your appreciation is not just silent. You’re also very generous with compliments and affection. Such a gift!

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